Our History


The Highlandtown Preschool began in partnership with Breath of God Lutheran church in 2018 and has operated to support a child’s most formative needs, focusing on a strong start to personal and educational development. Over the past three years, the preschool has grown from a small classroom of eight students to more than thirty 3 and 4-year-olds, promoting healthy learning through a play-based curriculum that focuses on our environment and our community as our primary classrooms.

This past November, a fire damaged three houses immediately adjacent to Breath of God Lutheran Church, of which the school is a part. Two of those damaged properties became available for purchase and, with your support, we hope to infuse life and energy back into the empty shells. Now is the optimal time for expanding The Highlandtown Preschool as beginning the process of folding two-year-old students into our school community.

Throughout the pandemic, gaps in early childhood education have become especially apparent. By creating space for even the youngest learners to thrive and begin their journey of curiosity and exploration, we hope to invest in our children and thereby in our community. With the support of high-quality and financially accessible early childhood education programming, parents are able to work while students are able to learn, ensuring the stability and growth of the neighborhood.

Neighbors in particular need of stability and support in our community are newly arrived refugees. In recent months, the need for safe and stable housing for migrants fleeing violence has been ever-present in the news. Whether arriving from Afghanistan, Haiti, Syria or Mexico, the Clinton Street Community Center (CSCC) and the housing we provide will be a place of welcome, refuge and support.

Baltimore is, without a doubt, a city of passion and determination. Despite the odds, it thrives, and with great purpose. Highlandtown is no exception. The economically and culturally diverse landscape of our neighborhood is infused with history, culture, and opportunity. The Clinton Street Community Center (CSCC) is committed to providing resources that make our community stronger, more vibrant, and more supported. Our reason to thrive is so that our community can thrive.



Investing in the families of Highlandtown offering high quality education to young people and support to newly arrived families, building a vibrant and supportive community together.



Our reason to thrive is so that our community can thrive. Join us in building a vibrant and supportive community together.